Lovejoy School District


Dennis Womack, Assistant Superintendent for Operations of Lovejoy Independent School District in Texas runs transportation for 4,100 paying students. Lovejoy is made up of 4 different cities and students are not required to use the transportation provided by the district, therefore Dennis and his team want to make the process for busing students as safe and seamless as possible because he knows that parents have other options to get their kids to school. Continue reading

Seamless Lone Worker Monitoring with the Advantage of Emergency Alerts

Monitoring technology allows businesses to maintain the efficiency and productivity of their mobile workforce. For industries relying on remote workers, such as in security, construction, or inspection, safety is a critical concern. DispatchPlus provides an invaluable, integrated monitoring solution that utilizes GPS, a programmable emergency button, and radio to smartphone compatibility. Continue reading

Fleet Management Solutions to Increase Driver Productivity

When managing your company’s fleet, finding fair and achievable ways to increase productivity is crucial. While automation and fuel prices are pressing on company profits, there are ways to help your team make the most of every drive and load. Through the fleet management solutions of DispatchPlus, your management team can make the most informed and intelligent decisions, all backed and tracked by data. This means a more successful operation, day in and day out. Continue reading

The Role of Two-Way Radio Systems in Construction Risk Mitigation

From hazardous machinery to noisy work site conditions, there is no denying that construction is a dangerous line of work. However, companies can drastically mitigate construction risks with one simple element: clear and dependable communication. DispatchPlus by pdvWIRELESS offers the instantaneous voice communication that is necessary for not only proper coordination of multiple job sites, but also for the utmost safety of workers. Continue reading