The Benefits of Mobile Worker Management

In 2015, the world’s mobile workforce population was estimated to be 1.3 billion people – 37.2% of the world’s working population. The growing popularity of the mobile workforce presents unique challenges for those who own dispatch-centric businesses. Choosing the right devices for your mobile employees can be difficult without the proper guidance. There are many systems to choose from but only one will make the most sense for you and your team.

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How to Budget Money and Save Time with DispatchPlus

How DispatchPlus Saves you Time and Money (1)What is DispatchPlus?

DispatchPlus is a cloud-based workforce management solution that runs on the only nationwide network dedicated to business. DispatchPlus combines GPS technology with location-compatible, two-way radio devices and includes features that are specifically designed for dispatch-centric operations.

Focused digital radio networks on platforms such as DispatchPlus eliminate the need for expensive licensing and complex infrastructure and offer feature-rich communication services including text messaging and workforce tracking. Cost effectiveness, improved efficiency, and return on investment (ROI) are just 3 examples of how DispatchPlus can save you time and money.

The benefits of using digital two-way radios as a means of on and off-site communication extends beyond the purpose of simply facilitating communication.

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Privacy Themes For Employees in Mobile Workforce Tracking

947-293_Privacy-ThemeThe proliferation of communication technologies has resulted in a work environment that uses email, cell phones, radio, and other channels that are subject to monitoring and tracking. An array of technologies and platforms makes workforce tracking easy and cost-effective, but not all devices are created equally. Safety and accountability are the primary goals of workforce monitoring, and the balance between surveillance and privacy is key. Digital two-way radios are an attractive option for dispatch-centric businesses and can reduce costs, limit distractions, increase durability and provide employees with a greater sense of privacy. In many ways, two-way radios are an excellent alternative to other methods of workforce tracking due to their non-invasive nature and easy-to-use technology. While every business is different, a product such as DispatchPlus is ideal for those looking for a reliable workforce tracking system that increases efficiency and workflow, while allowing the employee to turn off the tracking function during lunch breaks and time-off. Continue reading

7 Advantages to Using Push-Talk Devices Over Cell Phones in your Small Business

Small organizations that manage a mobile workforce rely on the clear communication of instructions and information. The ubiquitous smartphone may be popular and offer the convenience of easy person-to-person contact, but falls short as a multi-channel communication device to combine security and reliability in all conditions. Cell phones and push-to-talk technology has often been likened to comparing apples with oranges because of the significant differences in performance, application and sustainability. Continue reading