pdvWireless’ business focus, strong telecommunications experience, and core vertical market knowledge have allowed the organization to deliver numerous industry-centric solutions and benefits to its customers.

Founded in 2004, pdvWireless is led by a senior management team that has a proven track record of developing enterprise solutions over wireless networks, including the development and launch of push-to-talk networks and applications. The executive team founded and helped develop two highly successful mobile communications companies including Nextel Communications.

After developing a suite of mobile workforce management applications, pdvWireless recognized the absence of a true push-to-talk communications platform for dispatch-centric businesses. This led to the development of DispatchPlus, a digital two-way radio solution that features a mobile workforce management application designed to better track and manage mobile teams.

The organization has already achieved several significant milestones:

  • The raising more than $218 million in equity funding in a private placement with institutional investors
  • Acquiring Sprint Corporation’s nationwide 900 MHz spectrum licenses
  • Filing a petition with the FCC requesting the re-alignment of the 900 MHz band to create spectrum
    capable of serving the broadband needs of countless organizations within an array of industries

Moving forward, the organization will be bringing complimentary leading-edge products and services to
market. Each will enhance pdvWireless’ commitment to helping our business customers more effectively
solve their mobile communication challenges.